30% Discount

30% Discount

How to recive a 30% discount on every order from Youngevity 

1. go to http://jaymur.my90forlife.com/ 
2. top right side in blue bar click on Join
3. you will be asked what country ou are in
4.next you will be asked if you would like to be an Independent Marketing Director or a Preferred Customer
               You do not have to be an Independent Marketing Director to recive the 30% discount
5. Make your slection and fill out form click submit and your done

you can purchas frome the http://jaymur.my90forlife.com/       or you can use this web site      www.jaymur.buyygy.com   
eather one will work just go to the top right hand side and loge in chose the items you want and you will recive the 30% discount off every order.

recumended to start              you can look at each site and see witch one you like to work with
Plant Derived Minerals              my90forlife.com       buyygy.com     
Ultimate Selenium                     my90forlife.com       buyygy.com     
Healthy Body Start Pack           my90forlife.com       buyygy.com 

i started with the Plant Derived Minerals and at one oz. a day noticed a big difference in for days
people who i see almost every day made comments of the difference they saw in me also more energy and smother movement when i walked.
Then purchased the Ultimate Selenium and the Healthy Body Start Pack WOW what a difference
Also if you start using the products and are looking at using them every month you can sing up for an auto ship
and you will receive free shipping.

Simplest auto ship i have ever worked with you can change it every month if you want and you can stop by sending an e mail or making a phone call,
no hassles at all. And the people you deal with on the phone are polite and caritas.

unlike in the medical profetion where no one really knows why you get the dosage your given
with Youngevity the dosasa are deturmened by body weight
 one starter pack per 100 lbs. of body weight.
but when i started, it was all i could do to purchas one i need three when i started, just using one starter pack the selenium and the Plant Drived Minerals i now need two but am still only using one each month, 
when i can aford it will add a product called Slender Fx™ REV™
When it comes to taking down pounds and inches, i have seen this work in others and am looking forwar to using it my self
addition of one little bottle of Slender Fx™ REV™ to any of the Healthy Start Paks will cut body fat and inches.

Slender Fx™ REV™              my90forlife.com       buyygy.com      


As time went on He just sat, knoqing, knowing what no one else seemed to know.

But staring in to the red leave's He knew spring was on it's way, and that His life would go on as He reflected on the Love He had felt.

And that no mater how the lonely streets desended upon Him He would continue to shin, as He sat their He could be heard sining softly to Himself,   This little light of mine.

Hodgepenny's philosphy has always been take care of home first, only give to those who are truly in need, never, No never take anything that you have not earned. always spend as much time with the Father as you can, for His love will guide and keep you through all things, and this will make your life better than great.


in the Wilderness